Conveniently located in the boat repair district of Seattle, we work closely with local businesses to offer our customers the full solution.

When necessary we will travel to job sites for the fit-up, fabrication or install process. We can also organize to have boats (up to 70 tons) hauled out of the water by working with our neighbor, CSR Marine boatyard.  

Our 1500 square foot metal fabrication shop contains a wide range of equipment and materials enabling us to work on a variety of projects on short notice.


  • Typically work with steel, stainless steel, aluminum and bronze, brass and copper

  • ABS certified in flex core FCAW and TIG

  • Highly skilled in stainless steel and aluminum welding

  • TIG, MIG and stick welding as well as silver brazing and metal polishing


  • Metal forming and pipe rolling capabilities up to 4ft length and ¼” thick

  • Metal shear to cut materials up to up to 10ft wide and ¼” thick
  • Other machinery includes lathe, milling machine, punch press and plasma cutter

Common Projects:

  • Custom marine exhaust systems

  • Exhaust Elbows

  • Exhaust Flex

  • Exhaust Risers

  • Exhaust Cans

  • Mufflers

  • Steel and aluminum hull repair

  • Fuel tanks

  • Custom metal design and fabrication