We provide both custom designed and replacement exhaust systems for commercial vessels and pleasure yachts. Whether you need the full exhaust system or specific components, we can provide the most reliable and practical solutions. We work closely with West Coast Insulation who provide high-end exhaust wrap (blanket and hard coat).

Common components we fabricate, assemble and install:

Flex bellows: to isolate vibration and absorb expansion of exhaust system

Inner liner for flex bellows: to facilitate smooth flow of high temperature exhaust

Floating flange for flex bellows: to create an effective seal by ensuring proper bolt alignment

Exhaust spring hangers: to secure exhaust piping whilst dampening noise and vibration caused by forces generated by propulsion equipment. 

Exhaust cooling mechanisms: types include water jacket, water injected, spray can and umbrella can. Wet exhaust systems offer heat-absorbing and sound-dampening qualities which cool and quiet the exhaust.

Flex bellows

Spray Can

Riser Spray Cans

Reducing Flex Bellows connected to turbo